How Digital Marketing Increases Foot Traffic To Your Retail Business?

People regressed to come outside of their home and make purchases instead they started to do it by just sitting on their couch.

Irish retail companies have invested more than 450+ Million euro in last fiscal year only on digital advertising. Retail Digital Marketing in Ireland is gradually becoming significant and evokes retailers to spend more on Digital Marketing.

1. Location Based SEO

Your store might not have a website, but that is absolutely okay. To do the Search Engine Optimization, you really don't have to build a website. Having a digital profile is enough.

To start with, make sure you have been listed on Google by creating a Google Business Account in Google My Business. It is absolutely free and you just need a Gmail account to start the things. Google My Business will let you showcase the store location, contact details, store pictures, your working hours and the details of the products you sell.

Google Map, on the other hand, is also important as it will show the store location to the searchers when they look for stores in their location. Integrating your location to Google Map will not only display the address but also guides the people to your door front with proper and precise instructions. Google does provide a simplified model of search that is 'Near Me'. If you have registered your brand in My Business and Google Map the Near Me searches will work for your brand.

2. Social Media Presence.

Social Media is another strong channel to leverage. Facebook, for example, is offering features like location integration of the store into the business page and displays product pictures. That will let the customers view and purchase it. Building up a business profile and start curating contents for well-targeted audiences based on the interest will boost up customer engagement. You can start leveraging the marketing campaigns on social channels for better reach. The social interaction is vital as it will increase your brand's reputation and build up a fan base. Once you have that you don't have to worry about creating contents for yourself because the fans will generate contents for you. This type of contents is called UGC or user-generated contents. One of the best type of content on social channels.

3. Localize your Paid Marketing Campaigns.

Social channels and Search Engines do enable businesses to display their advertisements in text or rich content formats. Doing the advertisements correctly will bring people to your store. There is a misconception that it works only for online shops but it is completely wrong. Any brands both online and offline can take advantage of these marketing model by putting the meaningful content at the right time to the right people. Being a local business you would be more likely to target people around you, right? Here, you can do well-targeted ads based on location, the category of people and their interests.

Google does support local search ads that will find people who are searching for similar businesses or doing 'Near Me' searches. People are more tend to do this kind of searches on mobile so that they will get the provisions to make the call or get route navigation to find the store.