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Oct 24, 2018

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Nowadays every business around the world is making their digital transformation. Building up the website, setting up social media accounts and implementing the digital strategy. Real estate business is no different from others as it has come up a long way with digital strategy. Real Estate Chatbot is the Red-Hot subject at present. SysG Soft has done an impressive effort on SYSBOT, a multi-domain chatterbot capable of handing FAQ queries and long conversation with the people. The top 8 features of SYSBOT and how it helps the real estate companies achieve their goal will be explained in this blog.

1. SYSBOT - A Lead Generating Machine.

You might have come across lead forms on websites that summons you to fill up all the mandatory columns one by one and for that itself you have to spend 2 - 3 minutes of your valuable time, right? The chatbot will do the same in a hassle-free manner. During the conversation, SYSBOT will grab all essential details to contact the person succeeding the chat. This is done during the friendly and humane talk that the user will not recognize he was talking to a machine. SYSBOT was savvy enough to manage everything on its own without intermediary hands.

2. Increased Conversion.

SYSBOT is swift to respond to user queries even when they use natural language or complex language. The machine learning capabilities of SYSBOT is unlimited. This leads the users to find whatever they are looking for on the website in a blink. For instance, a user is seeking to find a 3 BHK apartment in Dubai and might have specific requirements like a requirement for additional space to set up a kitchen garden, or some personal preferences as such. Finding the suitable space among the huge real estate database will become a nightmare for every user and eventually he will give up after tiring up. The chances of conversion are very minimal here. Here the SYSBOT comes to play. SYSBOT will ask for each individual preferences through very personalized communication and understands which or what places will be adequate for the user. Based on that SYSBOT showcases the results that the user want to receive. This leads to an increased conversion rate of 35%.

3. Always Active.

Chatbots are available all the time. This one advantage itself bring many benefits to the business since the digital world is filled with people who are active 24X7. No one can say when the right customer will find your website or social media that will lead them to make a conversation to inquire about your business. Human assistants have limitations and they are not capable to work seamlessly all the time. But chatbots are made to do that. So with SYSBOT, you will never miss any customer trying to make a contact with your business.

4. Relationship Builder.

SYSBOT is a machine with a human heart. It interacts with people like the way they feel they are talking to a human being at the opposite side. SYSBOT is trained to ask personal questions related to their personal life. This helps get rid of that morbid and insipid feeling of talking to a machine.

5. Cross-Platform.

SYSBOT can be integrated into any web technologies. Whether your website is developed using HTML, Wordpress, PHP, .NET or ASP, SYSBOT will synergize with every platform. If you find difficulties in integration, we are always here to help you. You just need to drop an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you within an hour.

6. SYSBOT Keeps Track of Everything.

SYSBOT records every communication done with the user. This let the marketing and salesperson understand what the user had asked and what kind of relationship was made etc.

7. Time Saver.

SYSBOT will save hours for users. You don't have to spend hours searching for the results which you are looking for. Just ask SYSBOT and let it do the job. SYSBOT will show the most affinitive results based on the gathered information during the friendly converse with the user.

8. Selling Machine.

The buyers are too volatile sometimes as they change their buying decisions due to trivial reasons. The best time to make them buy your product or service is the time when they agree to your offerings or having a conversation with a positive vibe. SYSBOT will trigger options to view and buy products during the conversation by adding simple call-to-action. A simple but effective way to ignite their appetite.

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