Why Retail Digital Marketing is Important?

Oct 15, 2018

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Irish retail companies invested approx 491 Million euro in last fiscal year only on digital advertising. Retail Digital Marketing in Ireland is gradually becoming significant and evokes retailers to spend more on Digital Marketing.

People tend to spend their time on personal gadgets than television or other mass media channels. The prolific possibilities of social media and other digital channels amp up business opportunities with less advertising expense. Digital Marketing assists the Ireland retailers in several ways.

1. Increase Brand Exposure.

People have their eyes glued on the personal devices on an average of 7 hours a day. This is a chance for every brand to bring out the products or services they offer wrapped inside a good-looking content. The more the people become familiar with a brand the more propensity to purchase. Nowadays most of the retailers switched from only being a brick and mortar business to E seller. Digital marketing is essential for an E-commerce business.

2. Amp Up Store Visits

Digital marketing helps nearby customers find your store through Facebook or Google. It leads the customer to visit the store regularly that will eventually end up in sales. You can put your address on Google or social channels with proper address and phone number. Google map helps the seller mark the store location on the map, help the customers find the store and understand how far it is situated.

3. Sell Through Social Channels.

You can optimize the facebook business page for selling goods. The business page in Facebook allows the seller to showcase and sell the products directly from Facebook. You can run advertisements on these channels to attract new customers and by adding a 'send a message' or 'buy now' CTA clearly calls out what action to be taken by the buyer. A savvy and easier way to do the business in 2018.

4. Resolve Customer Issues

Customer will have complaints even though you sell the best as Apple products. Resolving those issues is the clever part. Using social channels you can track those negative impressions and take the necessary actions to overcome it. An airline company called "Jetblue" is very active on Twitter and they resolve and reply to every customer queries within 30 minutes.

These things can take your retail business a step further. Retail Digital Marketing in Ireland is going to be a red-hot in the coming years.

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