Sampling and Analysis of Pasture and Soil
for the Agriculture Industry

A mid-sized Irish client wanted to develop a mobile application for the agriculture industry to do sampling and analysis of pasture and soil.

In this process, we used a mobile device (Android & iOS) to record basic farm/farmer details and also map out the fields of the farm. The latitude, longitude, and altitude of several boundary points of each field are recorded. All this is stored in a file (in a predefined file layout) on the mobile device until the mobile device can connect to a Wi-Fi network, because the internet may not be available in many rural locations. Once the mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, this data is then sent to the server via an API call. The farmer may change the layout of the farm by merging or splitting fields or purchasing or selling land, in which case they may wish to remap the farm and re-send this new farm layout.