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Sampling and Analysis of Pasture and Soil for the Agriculture Industry

A mid-sized Irish client wanted to develop a mobile application for the agriculture industry to do sampling and analysis of pasture and soil. In this process, we used a mobile device (Android & iOS) to record basic farm/farmer details and also map out the fields of the farm. The latitude, longitude, and altitude of several boundary points of each field are recorded. All this is stored in a file (in a predefined file layout) on the mobile device until the mobile device can connect to a Wi-Fi network, because the internet may not be available in many rural locations. Once the mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, this data is then sent to the server via an API call. The farmer may change the layout of the farm by merging or splitting fields or purchasing or selling land, in which case they may wish to remap the farm and re-send this new farm layout.


Environmental Health and Safety Management

A leading software company in Ireland wanted to develop a software tool to manage processes such as risk assessments, auditing, action tracking (nonconformity, corrective action), incident/accident reporting, monitoring, occupational health etc.

Health and safety management is a complex, demanding and serious aspect of every business today. The impact of accidents in the workplace can seriously affect employees and their families and the business and its reputation. The costs associated with non-compliance can be enormous. Organizations that seek to manage health and safety better look at incorporating health and safety into their core business. The simplest and most effective way to do this is to implement a health and safety management system. The challenge with implementing any management system is to understand how the system works for the organization and to keep it as simple as possible. Too often organizations fail to understand how a management system should work, and you spend too much time developing mountains of paperwork which add little value.

Modules included:

  • Non-Conformity
  • Corrective Action
  • Incident Report & Investigation
  • Safety Risk Assessment
  • Audit
  • Environmental Risk
  • Waste Management


Job portal Management system

An Irish recruitment agency needed to develop a job portal where candidates, can apply for new jobs , recruitment agencies to post job vacancies.

Through this portal the Agency/Employers should be able to manage their company detail, manage candidates those are connected, able to create and publish jobs and manage job applications from the candidate. Candidates can apply for job. The candidate is able to apply for jobs that are provided by the employer and will get the responses regarding their application. Messaging, emailing, different reports and activity history will help agency user to get more detail connected with the system. Only matched jobs will display for the candidates by checking the candidates' abilities, experience, education and other criteria given for job. Candidates will have the section to manage their personal and professional detail. Mailing part will connect the candidate with the employer. Calendar will help to get upcoming events including interviews scheduled.


Inspection Software

One of our's signature product developed to ease equipment & lifting quality inspections and certification process for the companies in the middle east region.

A highly customizable tool integrated with features like Jobs forecasting, graphic-rich dashboard, and mobile application that works online and offline seamlessly.

The template builder tool can design and create reports in any format and let it extract to pdf.
Major advantages of Inspection software are

  • Time Saving

    Easy to fill method used across the application will save ton of time.

  • customizable

    Customization Friendly environment eliminates technical intervention